Hristos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese! -Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Dear St. George Parishioners:

The Celebration of our Church Slava and Mortgage Burning was a very special weekend for our St. George Kansas City/Lenexa parish.

His Grace Bishop Longin, Father Aleksandar Bugarin (our former priest, currently serving the parish in Joliet, IL), Father Sasa Petrovich (Omaha, NE), Father Vladimir (Des Moines, IA), Father Deacon Milovan, and numerous other local clergy, joined our parish priest, Father Radomir Plavsic, on Saturday evening for Vespers and a Memorial Service for all reposed church members & clergy and for Sunday’s Hierarchal Divine Liturgy.

Following Saturday evening services, we enjoyed dinner (graciously donated and organized by the Milosevich and Lugonja families and their team of cooks) and entertainment (provided by Anica Milenkovic and Peja Pesic on the keyboards). Everyone in attendance participated enthusiastically in the festivities.

On Sunday, Hierarchal Divine Liturgy started with the Greeting of the His Grace Bishop Longin. During the beginning of the service, our own Brad Hijaz was ordained a Reader. Congratulations to Brad! At the conclusion of the Liturgy, a procession around the church was led by our altar boys, followed by the banners and flag carriers, clergy, Kumovi, choir and parishioners. After the procession, the blessing of the Kolach and Koljivo took place in the front of the church.

The Sunday banquet prepared and provided by our Kolo Sestara was plentiful and delicious. Puna Hvala to our Kolo! Our weekend would not have been as successful and amazing without the assistance and hard work of these individuals! A special thanks to Shauna Bajich, Kolo President, and the Kolo Slava Committee for organizing and planning this event.

At the conclusion of the banquet three members of the Slava Kumovi Feden Family, Dani Braun (granddaughter), Jordan Beeves (granddaughter) and Lisa Gribble (daughter), offered their individual remarks. They all spoke in honor of their late Bubi/Mother, +Helen Feden, long-time church member who served as church president, Kolo president, church school superintendent, and member of various other boards and committees of our Church. These were truly the highlights of all speeches given. Additionally, Peter Bajich gave a brief history of the relocation of our parish from Kansas City, KS, to our current location in Lenexa, KS.

After all speeches were completed, the Burning of the Mortgage took place. His Grace Bishop Longin shared a special prayer for and congratulatory remarks to our parish. We then proceeded outside for the actual burning of the mortgage. With the blessings of our Lord, we were able to pay-off our loan of over $5 million in less than sixteen years. What an amazing accomplishment! Very special thanks go to our entire parish as we exerted the extra effort required to make this a reality.

The Bajich Brothers Orchestra provided musical entertainment during the banquet and again after the Mortgage Burning to continue the festivities with more singing and kolo dancing.

There are plenty of individuals who deserve thanks which I attempted to address during my speech on Sunday. However, I would like to take the opportunity again to thank everyone who made this weekend special and memorable!

Numerous photos of the weekend have been uploaded on the Church Website. Please take a moment to view these photos graciously provided by Bob Cubric. Please click on the link to the right to view these photos!

Livestream Link for Hierarchal Divine Liturgy - St. George Slava Weekend - May 9th, 2021          

Hristos Voskrese – Sretna Crkva Slava
Paul Bajich
Church President

SERBFEST - June 4th & 5th, 2021
Please see the Serbfest Flyer below for more details. We are planning on a curb-side service, with pre-orders placed through the website. Contact our Chairman, Mark Milosovich, or Paul Bajich if you are interested in assisting with this event. Please complete your Pre-order prior to Noon on Friday, June 4th. We will accept "drive-up" orders during the Serbfest hours. Serbfest Flyer!!!

Annual Bowling Tournament - Saturday, June 26th
Our annual bowling tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 26th, with registration at 1:30pm and Bowling starting @ 2pm. A dinner buffet to follow at Saint George Cultural Center. Contact our Chairman, Mike Kimbell, if you are interested or have any questions. Click here for additional information:  Annual Bowling Flyer


Schedule for June 2021 - Распоред Богослужења за Јун 2021
Српски распоред је доле.

Saturday Evening,  June 5 
Vespers at 5 PM

Sunday of the Blind Man. June 6.
3 & 6 Hours at 9:30; 10 АM Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, June 9. Leavetaking(Apodosis) of Pascha.
9 АM Divine Liturgy

Thursday, June 10. ASCENSION.
9 АM Divine Liturgy

Saturday Morning, June 12 
Blessing of the Graves. Moved from Memorial Day. 9 AM at Highland Cemetery.  

Saturday Evening,  June 12  
Vespers at  5 PM

Sunday of the 1st Ecumenical Council. June 13.
3 & 6 Hours at 9:30; 10 АM Divine Liturgy

Friday, June 18. Leavetaking of Ascension.
9 АM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, June 19. Memorial Saturday.
9 АM Parastos/Memorial Service at the church.

Saturday Evening,  June 19  
Vespers at  5 PM

PENTECOST Sunday. June 20.
3 & 6 Hours at 9:30; 10 АM Divine Liturgy and vespers with kneeling prayers.

Pentecost Monday, June 21
9 АM Divine Liturgy

Pentecost Tuesday, June 22
9 АM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, June 26th 1:30- 5pm - Annual Bowling Tournament!!! 
     Click on Flyer link for Additional Information:  Annual Bowling Flyer

Saturday Evening,  June 26  
Vespers at  5 PM

Sunday of All Saints. June 27.
3 & 6 Hours at 9:30; 10 АM Divine Liturgy and Parastos
     Luncheon prepared & sponsored by St. George Choir

Fast free week Jun 21-June 27.

Monday, Vidovdan, St. Tsar Lazar of Serbia and all the Serbian Martyrs. June 28.
9 АM Divine Liturgy

Beginning of St. Peter and Paul Fast June 28 to July 11th.


Субота увече, 5  јун

Вечерње у 5 часова.

Недеља о Слепом, 6 Јун
10 AM Божанствена Литургија

Среда, 9 Јун. Оданије Пасхе.
9 AM Божанствена Литургија

Четвртак, 10 Јун. Вазнесење.
9 AM Божанствена Литургија

Субота Ујутру,  12 Јун 
Освећење гробова у Хајланд Парку у 9 ујутру. 

Субота увече,  12 Јун
Вечерње у 5 часова.

Недеља Светих Отаца 1ог Васељенског Сабора. 13 Jун
10 AM Божанствена Литургија

Петак, 18 Јун. Оданије Вазнесења.
9 АM Божанствена Литургија

Субота, 19 Јун. Задушнице.
9 АM Парастос у цркви

Субота увече,  19 Јун
Вечерње у 5 часова

ПЕТЕДЕСЕТНИЦЕ -ДУХОВИ. 20 Јун. Рођендан Цркве Христове
10 АM Божанствена Литургија  и вечерње са коленопреклоним молитвама.

Духовски Понедељак, 21 Јун
9 АM Божанствена Литургија

Духовски Уторак, June 22
9 АM Божанствена Литургија

Субота увече, 26 Јун
Вечерње у 5

Недеља свих Светих. 27 јун.
10 АM Божанствена Литургија и парастос

Јун 21-Јун 27 не пости се..

Понедељак, Видовдан св. Цар Лазар и сви Српски Мученици 28 Јун..
9 АM Божанствена Литургија

Почетак Петровског Поста од 28 јуна да 11 јула.

Ancient Christianity in the KC area, via Serbia
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.

Apostolic Christianity in Serbia (located in Southeast Europe) dates back to the seventh century. Christianity eventually became the state religion, and the Serbian Orthodox Church received ecclesiastical independence in 1219 with the consecration of St. Sava as the nation's archbishop. Orthodox Christianity became the country's primary religion and remains so to this day.

During a wave of immigration to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries , a Serbian community was established in Kansas City, Kansas. The community constructed a meeting hall, which held occasional services until St. George Church was chartered on April 18, 1906 in a home that was remodeled into a small church building. A more permanent church building and meeting hall was constructed in Kansas City, Kansas at the corner of Bethany and Lowell in 1925. This remained the location of the parish until 2006, when the new St. George church building (pictured above) was consecrated in Lenexa, Kansas. St. George Church continues the tradition of Orthodox Christianity that can be traced from that original Serbian community in Kansas City, to Europe, to the Apostles.

Visitors are welcome at our church services and special events. Contact Father Radomir if you have questions.

Click the links below to learn more about our priest, our history, our diocese, and our patriarchate:

St. George Church Iconostasis

One of the first things that strikes a non-Orthodox visitor to an Orthodox church is the prominent place assigned to the Holy Icons. The Iconostasis (Icon-screen) dividing the Altar from the rest of the church is covered with them, while others are placed in prominent places throughout the church building. Sometimes even the walls and ceiling are covered with them in fresco or mosaic form. The Orthodox faithful prostrate themselves before them, kiss them, and burn candles before them. They are censed by the Priest and carried in processions. 

Recent Photos

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church | Lenexa, Kansas